Programs Florida Ag in the Classroom

Florida Ag in the Classroom

The mission of Florida Ag in the Classroom is to help Florida's teacher and students develop an understanding of our multifaceted agricultural system and its relationship to our economy, environment, health and quality of life.

In Broward County a group of teachers and volunteers, along with the support of Broward County Farm Bureau, offer several programs and resources for children in learning environments.

Some of the programs include:

  • Classroom presentations/speakers
  • Teacher curriculum workshops
  • After school gardening programs
  • Florida Agriculture Literacy Day

Educational Resources:

  • Educational materials intergrating the Sunshine State Standards with agricultural concepts.
  • Ag Learning Barns
  • Books for Ag Literacy Day
  • And much more!


The Ag Learning Barn is a traveling exhibit that is used to tell the story about agriculture. These portable structures are used as lending libraries, which will travel to schools on a rotational basis. They are filled with teaching items to enhance the learning of young children (grades Pre-K - 5), which includes: videos, books, activity books, posters, puppets, puzzles, and toys. The teacher may checkout material from the barn to use in their classroom while the barn is at their school.

Broward County school teachers can contact: